New words, new music

Live recordings from our performance as part of Book Week Scotland, in St John the Evangelist Church, Jedburgh

November 27th 2015


Horo  by Stuart Murray Mitchell

A mile or two from Ullapool
we found a useless fishing boat
hauled up to rot, its ragged hull
yawning like a cod’s cut throat.

Here and there red scabs of paint
lent colour to the splintered wood.
A thin dark line of faded print
named her – Ceòl na…                            Stewart Sanderson


The bird declines, holding true to her gyre,

believing in the upward force that keeps
her safe – one day it is lift; the next, grace.

Turn ye to me, turn….                        Jane McKie



Three Pieces for Soprano and Clarinet  by Rebecca Rowe


I bring you berries and insects; bowing,
I leave them in a long trail behind me.

From a distance, I watch you pick at them
without much relish.                                    Jane MacKie



Past Sula Sgeir fat snowflakes fall
onto the sightless sea. A shark
basks on, hapt close in wintry dark
while up aloft a single gull

turns back in search of cliffs, hidden
in sleet…..                                                  Stewart Sanderson



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