Elements of performance


The Wighton Heritage Centre saw the fifth performance of Three Pieces for Soprano and Clarinet and Horo on 21st January 2017 as part of a Cappuccino Concert hosted by  Friends of Wighton.

“Wonderful concert from “Turning the Elements”, at the Wighton this morning. The glorious voice of soprano Frances Cooper and the brilliant Joanna Nicolson on clarinet treated us to everything from beautifully sung Burns to enthralling new commissions by Rebecca Rowe and Stuart Murray Mitchell. A thoughtfully chosen selection of slides was icing on the cake!”  ( from Friends of Wighton Facebook page)

Each performance sees us discovering new elements in the music, and new nuances of meaning in the poetry.   Each audience has been enthusiastic in their praise for the two suites, a delight for us as performers.


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