Are the whispers ready to turn into whoops?

So, here we are in February 2022, two years after work officially began on our specially commissioned song cycle, No Trees to Whisper. The twists and turns from then until now could never have been anticipated, and had they been, who knows if we would have reached the stage we have, but….. we are almost there and with a finished product which is beyond what we planned for, and has taken us, and the project, in new directions.

Never have we worked on a project together when we have spent so little time in the same physical space. For two musicians that has been a strange experience, though it did lead us to improvise with each other successfully, on Zoom, with an audience, during an online poetry & music workshop. Who would have thought that would be possible?

It was so refreshing to be together to bring the new music, with its wonderful texts, to life in the recording studio. All the work since then has been, once more, at a distance. However, with the aid of new skills learned by both of us and the power of technology, the phone and the Royal Mail, we are almost there – almost ready to share with everyone our first music video. Who would have thought it…

Now we plan the online premiere – more new skills to learn!

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