Turning into a new year with renewed activity

A saying familiar to many – you wait a long time for a bus and then two come along at once! This seems an apt description of where we find ourselves right now. 2022 became a bit of a ‘holding’ year, with two almost-completed projects waiting for release from carefully guarded captivity – and now they are both ready to be released into the ‘wild’, ready to be heard and seen by all who seek them.

Our album release, Turn Ye to Me, with The Night With, tells so much of the story of our development as a duo. It showcases our first commissions, the two song suites we have loved performing all over the country since we first received them in 2015. These are balanced with more recent work, composed and arranged by Joanna, demonstrating our musical and performance journey in the years since. The album had its genesis during the covid pandemic, and now we can shout out, “It’s here!”

Our musical video project, No Trees to Whisper, also had a long gestation period, also because of the pandemic but, after its twists and turns, it too is now ready to be viewed by the world! What a journey….. It’s worth reflecting that several of the works in both projects describe journeying. Hmm, perhaps a signal that we journey onwards, who knows where – but one thing is for sure, there will definitely be elements of turning involved!

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