The twisting, tumbling and turning of 2020

What a difference a few months and a global pandemic can make! Having read back our last blog post, its contents seem to come from another world. Who would have known that a few weeks after it was written, all our plans, along with those of people around the globe, would have to be altered radically. Change they certainly have, but they have not crumbled! Turning the Elements does not give up at the first, second or, indeed, any hurdle.

Ladies may not have not been Painted (but there are sketches to colour in given time) and the prospect of touring No Trees to Whisper has melted away with the halting of practically all live music in Scotland at the moment. However, what we have discovered, is that creativity comes in many guises, and, with the poetry and music bubbling away, both on paper and in the fingers and voice, we realise we have between us the determination to bring it all to our audience using the technological skills we are finding ourselves developing. Do you know what? It may be proving a massive challenge, but it is one we are growing more and more confident we can rise to with our own style and panache! All will be revealed during Book Week Scotland in November and, as we make our way into 2021, during Sound festival.  The timescale may have had to slip and the format may have had to change, but we are as sure as we can be that No Trees to Whisper will sing out and find a voice in these strange, strange times. I wonder what Dr Johnson and Mr Boswell would have made of all that has happened this year?

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