A little louder than a whisper in the trees

Fast forward several months since our last blog post and, again, timescales have slipped, plans have changed, the pandemic is still raging – but, our determination has not disappeared, and we are preparing to take No Trees to Whisper further along its journey. It has been a delight, in so many ways, to be able to rehearse together again – and actually make music face-to-face, and hear those harmonics ringing in the ears again! We now have the excitement of working in the recording studio, bringing the music alive. It has felt like a very long and bumpy road to get to this point (and indeed it is more than two years now since we first sat down to write our funding proposal) and it is not the point we originally thought to get to! – but no-one could have predicted the hiccups along the way (for everyone), and we hope that the wait will be worth it. A little way to go yet – but our whisper will surely turn into a whoop of happiness once we bring all our plans to fruition. Watch this space…

One thought on “A little louder than a whisper in the trees

  1. That all sounds wonderful and terribly exciting! Well done. How enriching to get to play together again.


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