Ready to be creative!

Turning the Elements is the name for our inspiring musical project, creating two new suites for soprano and clarinet: a collaborative enterprise between poets, composers and performers to produce lyrical songs exploring the natural world and our place within it.

We are:

Frances Cooper, soprano  ~  Jane Mckie, poet  ~  Stuart Murray Mitchell, composer

Joanna Nicholson, clarinetist   ~   Rebecca Rowe, composer   ~  Stewart Sanderson, poet

The first performance of this artistic collaboration will be on Sunday 25th October, 2015, in Migvie Church, in Aberdeenshire,  as part of Sound – Scotland’s Festival of New Music.

We are delighted that we will also be performing in the Borders as part of  Book Week Scotland in November. The concert will be on Friday 27th November at 7.30pm in St John the Evangelist Church, The Pleasance, Jedburgh  TD8 6DJ.    There will be a chance to meet the performers, composers and poets afterwards.

2 thoughts on “Ready to be creative!

  1. Waiting for a brand new piece of music to arrive…it’s not like Christmas, more like when you’re in a foreign restaurant and you recognise one word on the menu, so you order that dish – but really you have no idea what you’ve asked for.

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